Why you should follow #FOAMed as a student?

Find out how #FOAMed can help you keep up to date with the latest topics in emergency medicine and critical care.

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November Pre-reading Video

December's lecture focusses on the initial emergency management of traumatic brain injuries. In order to get the most from this months lecture, we ask that you view the short video before attending.

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Programme Launch

The Critical Care Programme was launched in October 2012. We aim to teach the basics of critical care to any interested medical, nursing, or paramedic student. We believe that "Critical Care is a process not a place".

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Prehospital Emergency Medicine

November's topic is Prehospital Emergency Medicine - the starting point of the critically ill or injured patients journey.

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Critical Care Programme


The “Critical Care Programme” is an extracurricular programme for medical, nursing, and paramedic students at the University of Southampton; funded by the Wessex Deanery, through the Wessex Trauma Network. The aim of the programme is to teach basic critical care skills, and allow students to practice these in both simulated and real life environments. The CCP, unique to Southampton, is the first programme of its type to integrate both medical, nursing, and paramedic student teaching.

The CCP aims to increase the students exposure to the critically ill and deteriorating patient: whether this be within the Prehospital environment, the Emergency Department, or the Intensive Care Unit. We strongly believe that “Critical Care is a process and not a place”. As such, the skills needed to manage a critically ill or injured patient share a common root.

Educational Development

In addition to the academic, and practical components of the programme, we aim to use the CCP as a vehicle for Educational Development. We recognise that the students undertaking this programme will not only be the clinicians of the future, but the teachers also. Students are invited to become actively involved in the teaching, and organisation of the academic events. Within these lectures, workshops, and courses we are trialing new educational techniques to keep the content stimulating and interesting for our students. For more information please see the Educational Development section of the website.


The Critical Care Programme is delivered outside of normal lecture hours. Three sessions are held per month: a critical care lecture evening, a practical workshop in the simulation suite, and the first responder training evenings (for active team members only). Students are free to choose which elements suit them.

Students have the opportunity to complete a Critical Care Portfolio, evidencing the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their undergraduate training. Reflective practice is actively encouraged via the use of case studies, and personal development plans. Students also have ample opportunities to teach and present cases at the monthly lecture evenings.


We are currently developing an e-learning platform which will support, and build upon the content delivered in the lectures and workshops. This will allow students to revisit the content covered in the lectures, and to test their understand of the key concepts.



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